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SIP MEDUSA T5500 Silenced Diesel Generator


5.5kVA (5.5kW) peak / 5kVA (5kW) continuous outputs
110v and 230v supply with AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator)
Heavy-duty silenced generator cabinet
Digital display indicates volts and runtime
Fitted with large wheels for rough terrain sufaces

Engine Type:    EURO V 0.5ltr diesel single cylinder

Start System:    Key ignition electric start

Alternator Type:    Single phase AC generator

Regulation:    Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)

Peak / Cont. Output:    5.5kVA (5.5kW) / 5kVA (5kW) continuous

AC Voltage:    1x 110v @ 3.5kW / 1x 230v @ 5kW

DC Voltage / DC Current:    12v / 6A

Fuel Capacity:    16ltr

Runtime:    7.5hrs @ 100% load / 15hrs @ 50% load

Sound Power (LwA):    97dB(A)

SIP MEDUSA T5500 Silenced Diesel Generator

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