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Roundup Pro Bio Weedkiller 5 LitreRoundup ProBio 360 is a foliar applied translocated herbicide developed using a new surfactant system containing a unique, patented blend of two surfactants. Roundup ProBio has been developed for use on weeds in hard surfaces, amenity vegetation, enclosed waters, natural surfaces which shouldn't bear vegetation, as well as land immediately adjacent to aquatic areas and open waters.Active Ingredients: 360g/l glyphosate.Benefits of Roundup Pro BioRain fast within one hour for annual weeds, four hours for perennial weedsHazard free - safer for operator, pets and publicUnique formula ensures more glyphosate reaches the plant creating a more effective root killSuperior long term control of difficult perennial weedsBiodegradable in soil and waterRoundup ProBio is an evolution from Roundup Pro Biactive, and is its replacement for superior weed control. ProBio is an upgrade of the familiar, successful and effective biactive formulation, Roundup Pro Biactive 360. If you've used Roundup Biactive in the past, ProBio should now be your first choice.Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup ProBio, controls weeds by blocking the plant's enzyme system. These enzymes, which are present in plants, do not occur in humans, animals, birds or fish. Hence, Roundup ProBio is safe to everything except green plants

Roundup ProBiactive 360 Strong Glyphosate Professional Weedkiller 5 Ltr Weeds

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