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PdPro plus Mitsubushi 13hp petrol powerwasher pressue washer 13hp petrol power washer 3000psi 21 litres per minute, heavy duty hose and lance,all washers are on anti vibrate rubber mounted trolleys with solid wheels .Annovi Reverberi RKV 4G40H pump 3000psi 21 litres per minute • Manifold: High strength forged brass for long term use • Bolts: Eight 8mm grade 8.8 • Plungers: A special thick ceramic for long life, strong durability, and more resilience • Crankcase: Precision die cast, large cooling fins, and anodized for maximum heat dissipation. Sight glass, fill and side and bottom drain plugs • Bearings: Oversized tapered roller bearing for maximum life and load disbursement • Bearing Support: Precision die cast and machined to assure concentricity and alignment • Valves, Seats, and Springs: Stainless steel with specially designed Ultra Form cages to provide long life and positive seating • Seals and V-packing: Continuously lubricating for extended life • Plunger Rods: Stainless steel construction for strength, no plating to scrape off, back up and oring plunger sealing system • Connecting Rods: One piece special alloy aluminum for higher pressure, oversized for maximum strength, load disbursement, and long life. 

PdPro Plus Mitsubushi 13hp Petrol Powerwasher

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