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50 x 100 g Packs ready to use Neosorexa Gold Rat Poison Mouse Poison Rodents Grain Bait 5KG Professional Use Professional Use


Due to changes in the law a certificate to use this product is now required. Before we can dispatch this item a copy of this certification must be emailed or scanned, messaged or email.( If not possible to do the number of your certification along with your name and address will also be fine.


Another option is to add your certificate/ assurance number to a message to seller to show us you are ok to buy this product.


If a certification is not available then any assurance scheme that is listed below is fine:

Eleven assurance schemes with combined memberships of 95,000 farm businesses are compliant with the UK Rodenticide Stewardship Regime. They are:

  • AIC's Trade Assurance Scheme for Combinable Crops
  • British Egg Industry Council's Lion code
  • Duck Assurance Scheme
  • Farm Assured Welsh Livestock
  • Laid in Britain
  • Northern Ireland Beef & Lamb Farm Quality Assurance
  • Northern Ireland Farm Quality Assured Cereals
  • Quality British Turkey
  • Quality Meat Scotland
  • Red Tractor Farm Assurance
  • Scottish Quality Crops

Have no certification or assurance scheme then:


Take an approved training course and show the certificate when purchasing a Rodenticide.


Search for Lantra

Rodent Control on Farms (E-Learning) | Lantra Awards

(Is valid for 5 years)

Please do not purchase unless you can do the above.

Neosorexa Gold Rat Packs Bait Poison 5Kg

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