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The SFS Plastics Liquid Feed / Molasses / Magnesium feeder is manufactured to a high quality finish in heavy duty Polyethelene for maximum durability. Molasses is one of the most economical and palatable sources of fermentable energy available, making it a valuable ingredient in dairy, beef and sheep rations. Also,for Cattle, Horses, Pigs and Goats, a good magnesium balance can improve their well being, reduce aggression and contribute to a better quality of meat. Our product provides a trusted solution to delivering both of these important dietry supplements to your stock. The screw on lid ensures a secure seal to the feeder and allows for easy top filling for all types of liquid feeds.The rotating wheels are designed to allow free access feeding with controlled consumption. The holding capacity is approximately 50 litres. Due to the current concern around shortages of fodder this coming winter, many more farmers will be relying on liquid feed to ensure their stock receive the vital nutrients they require for their well-being and our product is the ideal robust solution to deliver them.If you have any questions about any aspect of our Liquid Feeder, please contact us and we will be happy to answer them.If you require more than one of our feeders, please contact us as there may be discounts for multiple orders.Dimensions.Height  -  300 mmWidth   -  650 mmLength -  650 mm

Molasses / Magnesium Feeder Two Wheel Liquid Feed

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