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Husqvarna K770 12"  Standard Petrol Disc Cutter 

The brand new Husqvarna K770 disc cutter has been designed to exceed your expectations. If you are used to the reliability and market-leading build quality of the K760 models, you will notice the incremental improvements to the K770 machine. 

The key features are an improved digital ignition, even stronger cutting arm and a dynamic belt tensioning system. This incredibly versatile machine produces excellent results when cutting building blocks, kerb stones, asphalt and cast concrete. 

One of the most important features in a disc cutter is the ease and reliability of the starting action. Husqvarna have further improved the power and timing of the ignition spark to cement its place as the most reliable machine on the market.

Husqvarna K770 12" Standard Petrol Disc Cutter

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