🔥Gallup XL is the new replacement for Gallup 360. Buy New & Fresh StockANY 360 GALLUP ON THE MARKET IS OLD STOCK This advert is for professional grade weedkiller containing 360 grams per litre of Glyphosate, a non selective total herbicide.It is a foliar applied herbicide for the control of emerged weeds in industrial situations, forestry and aquatic areas.  Non-selective and non-residual, it offers weed control in a wide range of conditions.Barclay's Gallup 360 (XL) provides a cost effective method of weed control.Examples of use :-   Driveways, Road Edges, Car Parks, Around Tree Trunks, Clearing weedy areas prior to seeding or planting.Gallup 360 (XL) can be used on:- all edible crops, all non edible crops, apple, asparagus, barley, bulb onion, cherry, combining pea, durum wheat, enclosed waters, field bean, forest, grassland, green cover on land not being used for crop production, hard surfaces, land immediately adjacent to aquatic areas, leek, linseed, mustard, natural surfaces not intended to bear vegetation, oats, oilseed rape, open waters, pear, permeable surfaces overlying soil, plum, sugar beet, swede, turnip, vining pea, wheat.How to use:-  At the 5ltr per hectare rate Knapsack ratio is 25ml glyphosate to 1 liter water.  A 20ltr pack will treat 40,000 square meters or 10 Acres.

20L Barclay GALLUP XL 360g/l Glyphosate