Professional range of Jefferson AutoMIG Welders all feature heavy duty, high output transformers and forced air cooling to maximise duty cycle performance. All are supplied with a comfort grip non-live torch, 1.8M earth cable, 0.45kg flux cored wire and 1.0mm contact tip. Key Features Wire Diameter: Fluxed Cored: 0.8 - 0.9mm (Gasless) Input Voltage: 230V 1ph Steel Wire: 0.6 - 0.8mm Output Current Range: 30-150A Rated Duty Cycle: 100% @ 30A, 15% @ 105A Cooling System: Forced Air Absorbed Power: 4.5 kW Torch: Non-live Gas Type: C02 / Argon Mix & Argon & C02 Dimensions: 720 x 320 x 540mm Weight: 26kg The Jefferson 100 Amp Gasless MIG Welder 230V - JEFMIG100-A includes: 1.8M MIG Welding torch 1.8M 10mm² cable & 160A earth clamp 0.8mm contact tip 0.2kg x 0.8mm flux cored wire Hand hld face shield Hammer & brush comb

£190 + vat 

Jefferson 151 Amp Gas/No Gas MIG Welder 230V