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The Husqvarna TS 138 is an easy to start garden tractor which is ideal for homeowners with small to medium sized gardens who do not wish to collect the grass clippings. The Husqvarna TS138 ride on lawnmower is fitted with a powerful Briggs and Stratton 500cc engine with a pressurised oil lubrication system. It comes with a pressed steel, powder coated, 38 inch wide cutting deck and an automatic gearbox with forward and reverse pedals, the more you press down the faster you go. This versatile and efficient tractor has a wide range of attachments available making it ideal for all year round use. This garden tractor boasts a range of features that help ensure a comfortable ride and first class cutting results. Fitted with a powerful Husqvarna Series engine with choke less start and convenient pedal-operated transmission. Comes with tow hitch fitted as standard and with a 2 Bag collector 

Husqvarna TS 138 Ride On Lawnmower Mower 38"

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