ORIGINAL BARE-CO PTO SHAFT GUARD COVERThis product is made by Bare-Co, the original patented product sealed with Bare-Co tags.Fits A4 to A8 ShaftsLarger diameter lever release PTO guardLength: 1500mm (can be trimmed down to correct size)All Bare-Co PTO Covers are supplied with safety chains and sets of bearings Orginal Parts:SPAREX - SERIES A5 TO A8COMER - SERIES T50 - T80EUROCARDAN - SERIES AX5 TO AX8BYPY - SERIES 5 - 8WEASLER - SERIES AB5 TO AB8WALTERSCHEID - SERIES W220 TO W2600LA MAGDALENA - UP TO SERIES 2006 TO 2009DRIVELINE - SERIES T5 TO T8PTO Guards are a very important safety product that has the ability to dramatically reduce accidents with PTOs.

Bare-co PTO Guard